Visit us

Dear rubber friends,

We are happy to invite you to visit us in our Rubber Bunker. It is secret and protected space where Fetishak rubber gear is created! Is properly isolated from world of boring fabric fashion and we try to keep there as much rubber things as possible to retain creative and kinky atmosphere.

You may come to pick up your order from Fetishak eshop and have a look to another gear which we can create. Even if you need to give us your measurements for new gear we will create ideal conditions for it!

Do you love to have some kinky fetish photos in real nuclear shelter? You can arrange photoshooting in our space!

Rubber Bunker is situated in nice residence area of northwest part of Prague and is easily accessible by car or public transport. From Prague Castle it is just 5 tram stops or circa 20 minutes’ walk. In neighbourhood is plenty of good restaurants and pubs. Two monastery breweries are accessible by walking.


How you can get in?  At first you need to make reservation of your visit us. Simply write email with your time options and your desire, why you like to come to bunker (details below).

We try to keep our bunker still secret so exact address you will get in booking confirmation. Nearest tram station is in the map below, to bunker it will be just minute.

If you like to contact us, please use contact form in shop or write to email

Phone to Bunker (depends on nuclear radiation if we are online :-): +420  228 226 332

Looking forward to see you!


Do you like to visit Rubber Bunker and see Fetishak gear?  Please, make proper booking of your visit.

Why you need to book?  They are few reason for this. At first we are not always there. For proper productions of our rubber gear we need to organize lot of task and for this we leave time to time our secure shelter. Second purpose of booking is that we keep time exclusively only for you, you don’t need to have fear to meet some other customers there. Some proper testing of rubber gear may require get you naked… absolutely no problem, you will be alone there!  Toilet and shower is for your service too. For sure, you can come with your friend and/or partner.

What about “Gear of interest”?  If you let us know what specific gear you like to see or try, we can arrange it for you. Not all gear we have all time in Bunker.  Most of Fetishak gears are manufactured upon orders, but usually we have some samples, prototypes or testing items which can demonstrate you expected performance.  If you find your ideal gear and you like to take it, please mind that we don’t accept direct payments in Bunker (nor cards neither cash) due legal reasons. We can assist you in such case with PayPal payment (for sure we have skilful  spiders which connect us to net and even we have wifi).

If you like to use our space for photoshoting, we offer rent of Rubber Bunker for (fetish) taking photos. If you come with your own gear, photographer etc. you need just rent space itself. Simply ask us about some available time slot. You may select even full service photoshooting, where all gear available in Bunker can be used for your photos, our camera is for your service and we will process photos for you (selection, basic photo correction). You may expect photos in quality which we have on our web pages and for this ask us for “rubber assistance”. For shooting we have standard white background if needed (but boring for sure) or interesting interiors of all Rubber Bunker (some lights are available alike).  Photos of you will be not publish or shared by us. Just please mind, we don’t allow you make any commercial and/or pornographic materials and photoshooting is not dedicated for sex sessions. (If you like to use Rubber Bunker for any commercial purposes, contact us!) Payment details you will get with acceptance of reservations for shooting.

Once your visit will be accepted we safe time for you and you will receive email with detail address and accessibility options.

Note: Please mind, Rubber Bunker is real bunker that’s mind is in underground and is not accessible with wheelchair, some steps are even in front of house from street. People with claustrophobia may feel uncomfortably there.  All data from booking  are used only for arrange your visit of Rubber Bunker, are not used for any marketing purposes neither shifted to other subjects.