GP5 gasmask blindfolds

Advanced blindfolds for GP5 soviet gasmask

Select, please, desired accessories of product:


Select, please, desired possibility of colour.


Select, please, desired possibility of colour.

$20 HT

Rubber Bunker brings advanced system to improve your "soviet" GP5 gasmask. You can tune-up your gasmask by simple upgrade by Rubber-Bunker accessories. And it is so many options!


Our advanced blindfolds for GP5 have simple nut to secure blindfolds on their position.They stay on gasmask in any situation. To detach down, just release the nut on each blindfold mount.


Lense covers can have different features. You can select:

- full permanent blindfolds (classic blindfolds)

- 5 pinhole blindfolds - you can see just litle bit through 5 small holes. Give you unique feeling of space and situation which you do NOT have under control.

- wide iris - moutn with big hole. Give your mask new design and more futuristic look. Vidiosn i snot influenced.


Always select colour of mounth body  and colour of nuts.


Is always set of two blinfolds/lenses for one gasmask.


Gas mask itself and hoses are not part of this item.




This equipment is fetish toy! This product is not intended for any use as rescue, health protection, medication etc.  Never play alone with any toys or systems which  can limit breath or may have impact on consciousness. We do not cover any responsibility for any health related problems by using any Rubber Bunker gear.


For some more possibilities just send us your wishes .