AirTube NATO bushing

Fitting with NATO40 threads for joining gas masks and its accessories through soem layer

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NATO bushing is fitting for junction of gas masks and accesories with NATO40 threads. This bushing can be separeted and mounted throught hole in desired surface (rubber, metal ...) 

Can work as replacement of original one-way valves in Haz-mat suits (together with our AirTube one-way valve can posses even functions as valve). 

Hole dimater 32 - 40 mm.

Hole max ticknes (boring) 10mm.


Mounting plate is optinable.

Square plate is ideal for mounting AirTube systems to solid constructions or hanging by ropes. Dimension 6.6x 6.6 cm, mouting holes are spreaded 5cm.

Circular plate have one surface covered with 1mm industrial rubber or 1mm latex rubber for glueing into desired rubber systems. Overlaping rubber circle is 8cm in diameter and serve as O-ring for bushing to perfect air-tight conection. (Standard colour of rubber is black, contact us if you desire some other colour of rubber!)



F - inner NATO40 thread (usualy on gas masks) 

M - outer NATO40 thread (usualy on filters)


Colour is optionable. Screws are made from durable plastic.

Basic thread for most of common gas masks and accesories is based on NATO40 standard thread. We designed special thread compatible with "west" (NATO gasmask system, like polupar british  S10 gas mask) and "east" (e.g. soviet GP-5 gas masks).


This equipment is fetish toy! This product is not intended for any use as rescue, health protection, medication etc.  Never play alone with any toys or systems which  can limit breath or may have impact on consciousness. We do not cover any responsibility for any health related problems by using any Rubber Bunker gear.


For some more possibilities just send us your wishes .