Rubber bunker

Welcome in our rubber world!


RubberBunker is our design studio where Fetishak gear born.

Fetishak created for our friends and customers unique space where smell and gloss of rubber have a place and you can come to try it.


Why rubber and why bunker? That’s question!


Rubber is amazing material. But first at all, are plenty of different kinds of rubber. And we looking for the best one materials, not only shiny look, but even performance, durability and smell! We try to make creative designs and use nice rubber materials for all our production. Fetishak starts to be famous for its rubber boots. Boots are important part of any outfit. Next what can even enhance your fetish outfit are accessories. Single bag or rubber strap harness, if is selected with precision, can dramatically change you look. If you look good, you feel good and this is aim!

For our production we select top quality materials, usually very unique. Simply need to see the difference!

Our policy is based on originality and customer focused production. All gear which we offer in our shop is manufactured in Czech Republic, almost all in our workstation in Rubber Bunker. This have more effects. At first, we can control quality, that‘s essential! Even most materials used in Rubber Bunker are manufactured in Czech Republic. Here have footwear and clothing industry more as hundred year history and world famous brands keep produce wear here (even some fetish brands!). In space in Prague and around is based complete chain of clothing production. From design schools to factories. From small exclusive fashion studios to mass production. This offers us great conditions to create and manufacture top fetish garments and keep convenient prices. What you don’t find in our shop is resale of any gear from other countries.

We are open to collaborate with other designers, photographers, shops, companies, clubs and event productions! Feel free to contact us.



We chose this name for simple reason. Because it is real nuclear bunker. Our space was build up in cold war 50‘s and 60‘s as a part of civil protection shelter system. Communist regime spend lot of energy and money to protect everybody against “evil from west” and build up plenty of concrete shelters designed for nuclear blast in Prague. Location, equipment and especially capacity of each shelter was classified secret and bunkers were not able to be use for any non-army purposes. After velvet revolution in 1989 small part of bunkers starts to be used for civil purposes. But still can be officially part of civil protection system and need to be accessible for army in case of need. This brings lot of restrictions and maintenance duties, which are performed not too much strictly. Even our bunker was part of this civil protection system up to time Fetishak comes there but its capacity in comparison to amount of Prague inhabitants is negligible and survival conditions before our reconstruction there were really pure.

Before we open here our studio and workstation, extensive reconstruction take place. Utility networks and air ventilation system were exchanged, wall was renovated. Instead of two ugly toilets we build up new bathroom with shower and toilet. Despite this massive renovation, we try to keep feeling as was in real bunker. Still we don‘t have any windows there and we are few meters below ground so you never know, in case of need…


Currently all bunker is dedicated for Fetishak rubber world. New storage and working desks give us options to manage higher amount of orders more fluently as before. It bring even nice base for prototype testing, photoshootings and mainly, for which we looking forward, welcome our customers and fetish friends here!

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